Contract approval workflows

Use smart contract approval workflows to improve efficiency and guarantee compliance.

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Unlimited workflows

Create an unlimited number of workflows with unlimited steps and approvers.

Conditional approvals

Use conditional steps to fully customize your approval process.

Workflow library

Create a company-wide approval workflow library to ensure compliance and increase efficiency.

Automated notifications

Approvers are automatically notified when a contract is awaiting their acceptance.



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How it works

Stay in control and save time with contract approval workflows

Contract approvals will standardize and automate your approval process by allowing you to predefine necessary workflows for documents. Increase compliance and boost the efficiency of your contract management process.

Unlimited contract approval workflows

With Concord, create an unlimited number of approval workflows with as many mandatory or conditional steps as you need.

Approval workflows library

Create a library of pre-defined contract approval workflows that will be shared with your team and can be quickly added to templates, drafts, and contracts.

Conditional contract approvals

Create approval workflows with conditional steps based on smart fields, for example contract duration or amount.

Notifications and reminders

Automatically notify the next approver when a step is completed. The notification will be sent via email and also appear in the “Your Tasks” section on Concord’s home page.

More ways to approve

Add approvals to templates

Add approval workflows to your contract templates for increased efficiency. They will be inherited to every draft made from that template.

Approvals for teams or individuals

Choose whether you need approval from a certain person or anyone from a given team.

Allow signing at any time

You can enable third parties to sign the contract before the approval process is completed.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can create contract approval workflows?

You decide which of your Concord users can create approval workflows by assigning correct access permissions. You can create all workflows on your own in your account.

How do I set up a conditional step in an approval workflow?

When creating an approval workflow, you can can choose to add a mandatory or conditional step. Conditional steps are dependent on the values in smart fields, so prior to this you will need to create your smart fields.

How many steps can I add to an approval workflow?

You can add as many conditional and mandatory steps as you need to all your contract approval workflows.

How many contract approval workflows can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of approval workflows.

Can I share approval workflows with my team?

Yes! You can create a company-wide library of contract approval workflows to share with your Concord users. You can also add approvals to contract templates that you create.

How do the automatic notifications work?

When an approval step is completed, the next approver will receive an email notification that a contract is awaiting verification. The request for approval will also appear in their “My Tasks” section in Concord.

“The results we’ve seen from Concord are more time and more happiness in my Legal team.”
James Sporle, Group General Counsel
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Gael Boisseau, Information System Manager
“Having a solution that helps you organize all of your contracts and know when they’re expiring, when they’re renewing, is a best practice I would hope that every business could have.”
Alon Rotem, General Counsel

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