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Join one of our live, weekly training sessions with Concord’s onboarding managers. We’ll go over everything you need to get started using Concord.

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Shannon Callahan

Head of Education & Product Training

Zachary Hintze

Head of Sales

Live sales demonstrations

Live demo

Sales Demo Webinar

  30 minutes

Live demo with a Concord expert for those looking for a contract lifecycle management platform

Live training sessions

Live demo

Concord April ’22 Update Preview

  60 minutes

Review all of the upcoming feature releases with Concord’s April Release!

Live demo

New Features Drop-in Q+A


Drop in to get any of your questions answered regarding the Concord release!

One to one

Concord Q + A

  15 minutes

Sign up for a 15-minute one to one Q+A with a Concord Expert


Concord 101

  3 Hours

Join us for a live, hands-on, 3-hour training to learn Concord’s full functionality


Concord Contract Manager

  60 – 90 minutes

Learn to build and execute agreements in Concord


Concord Collaborator Training

  60 – 90 minutes

Dynamically negotiate your contracts in real-time


Approval Workflow Webinar

  30 minutes

Learn to create company approvals, multi-step approvals, and conditional approvals


Leverage Concord E-Signature

  30 minutes

Learn how to leverage Concord’s E-Signature for expediting Contract processes, maintaining compliance, and storing signed documents


Concord Administrator Training

  60 – 90 minutes

Learn the functionality of being an administrator

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