Dive into these top 4 contract management features

Get started with Concord. We’ve highlighted a few useful features you may want to become familiar with.

Begin to collaborate
Our collaboration features help everyone come to an agreement within a secure hub. Easily add colleagues or third parties by opening a contract and clicking the blue “share” button in the upper-right corner. You can also set editing permissions for each collaborator. Detailed instruction can be found in our sharing a contract or saving for later article.

We automatically track all changes, so you’ll always have an audit trail. Click the star icon to compare two versions. See a screenshot and more information on how to compare two versions of a contract in our track changes article.

Maintain an organized workflow
Concord can streamline your internal contract review and approval process. Our workflow feature lets Standard and Plus subscribers create internal approval flows. Once rules are in place, team members simply click to request approval and no contract will ever get signed without passing through the designed chain of command. Get detailed instructions on how to set up internal validation workflows.

Automate your contract processing
Just like the mail merge capabilities within many word processors, Standard and Plus subscribers can personalize and send contracts from Concord. Our automated template feature allows you to import a Word file, save it as an automated template, and add variable fields. Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to create an automated template.

After setting up your automated template, you can quickly create multiple contracts at one time. Simply download our preconfigured Excel file and add your data. Once your Excel file is updated, go to your template and upload the data. Concord’s using an automated template article provides full details on how to use this feature.

Never miss deadlines
While we may not be your personal assistant, we can remind you of key dates associated with your contracts. Stay on top of important date with our alert feature. Contract managers can receive email and SMS alerts for end dates, renewal dates, and added clauses. Go to the Summary tab of signed contracts and click Edit in the Life Cycle or Others section to set an alert. We’ll guide you through this process in the signed contracts summary sheet and alerts article.

Explore more features
Want to dive deeper? Check out our using Concord page. And reach out to us with questions or feedback. We’re here to help you.