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Concord Integrations



  • Connect Concord to anything
  • Salesforce
  • DocuSign
  • SSO
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox and Box
Concord API: Connect Concord to anything

Connect Concord to anything


  • RESTful accessConcord’s open, RESTful API lets you extend Concord capabilities for use with your software, websites, or apps. Connect to the tools you use every day. See documentation.
  • Free sandbox accessAccess a free sandbox account to test the API and create an API key so that you can make API calls.
  • AuthenticationAuthentication with an API key or AUTH header allows you to read and write data from your application.
Connect Concord to Salesforce

Connect Concord to Salesforce


  • Create documents directly from Salesforce Generate documents that are automatically populated with information from Salesforce, and send them to your third party, all without leaving Salesforce.
  • Bi-directional sync with Concord When you change data in a field in Concord, Salesforce automatically syncs to reflect the change. This ensures that the data in Concord matches the data in Salesforce.
  • Track your document status in Salesforce Track all stages of your document’s status from within Salesforce, so your Sales team doesn’t need to interrupt their workflow. Opportunities automatically move to Close-Win once a contract is signed, and signed contracts are stored as a PDF file in Salesforce.
Connect Concord to Docusign

Connect Concord to Docusign


  • Sign in DocuSign Already using Docusign? Draft and negotiate on Concord using its unique features and then automatically send your documents to Docusign. Or use Concord’s native e-signature and save on your Docusign subscription.
Connect to Concord with SSO

Connect to Concord with SSO


  • Easy Set-Up Concord offers SSO (single sign-on) configuration at your company account level, so you can control who has access to your documents on Concord.
  • Compatibility Concord is compatible with SAML 2.0 as well as LDAP, and Active Directory.
  • Additional ways to log in In addition to SSO, users can use their email, Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to sign into Concord.
Connect Concord to Google Drive

Connect Concord to Google Drive


  • Import and export Concord’s out-of-the-box integration with Google Drive allows you to import your Google Docs into Concord or export from Concord into Google Docs. Automatically send all signed contracts to your Drive.
  • Bulk upload Leverage Concord’s bulk upload functionality to transfer legacy documents from Google Drive into Concord.
Connect Concord to Dropbox + Box

Connect Concord to Dropbox and Box


  • Store files wherever you need them Automatically export a copy of your documents signed in Concord to Dropbox or Box. Documents are moved into a Concord folder so you can easily create a backup of all your signed contracts.
  • Bulk upload Move all your legacy documents from Dropbox or Box to Concord. Bulk upload allows you to upload an unlimited number of documents.

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