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Expand contract management across your organization with approval workflows
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Maximize agility with Salesforce integration, centralized clause management, and API access
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  • Creators - Can access all Concord features under the plan you subscribed to. You can control and define the specific roles and feature accesses for each Creator Seat.
  • Collaborators - Can perform limited document creation, editing, and collaboration actions.
  • Viewers - Can view documents and export contract lifecycle information.
Templates Create document templates and form templates
Define signers and fields to fill
Use pre-defined templates to draft documents
Collaboration Draft new documents
Redline and edit documents online
Fill in required fields in documents
Access discussion panel and comment on documents
Invite others to redline, review and sign documents (internal or external)
Access and compare version histories
Restore previous versions
Drag-and-drop Microsoft Word integration
E-signature Sign with unlimited e-signature
View audit trail
Centralized Repository Upload and manage legacy documents
Full-text OCR search
Download documents (Microsoft Word, PDF)
Create tags and manage tag rules
Apply tags to documents
Lifecycle Management Set and receive notifications, alerts and deadlines
Create and fill custom contract summary information
Link documents (Amendments, MSAs, SOWs)
User Administration Add/remove users and manage access rights
Reporting Access analytics dashboard - document and deadline trends
Access deadline panel - view upcoming renewals, due dates, key terms, etc.
Export reports (Simple) - contains document titles, status, participants, etc.
Export reports (Advanced) - contains key terms, clauses, lifecycle info, etc.
Document Workflows Create ad-hoc approval workflows
Request approvals
Approve documents
Repository Integrations Out-of-the-box integrations to Google Drive, Box and Dropbox
Two-Factor Auth Setup two-factor authentication (2FA) for signature
Salesforce Integration Design and configure templates using Salesforce fields
Populate documents using Salesforce data
Track Concord document status from Salesforce
Use document links in Salesforce to quickly navigate to Concord
Enable automatic close-won upon signature
Company Workflows Create and maintain a library of pre-defined workflows
Add workflows to documents and templates from workflow library
Clause Selector Define default clauses and pre-approved alternatives
Select from clauses and pre-approved alternatives
Enterprise Readiness Enable single sign-on (SSO) for all users
Organize Concord instances by subsidiary
Set custom branding for external users
RESTful API Further customize with unlimited access to Concord’s RESTful API
Automate compliance, increase revenue,
and reduce costs.
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