Collaborate with everyone: your teams, customers, and vendors

Collaborate in real-time with everyone



  • Real-time editing & redlining
  • Automated versioning
  • Private/public chat & commenting
Create, edit, e-sign, and manage — all in one place

Real-time editing & redlining

Edit your documents directly online on Concord, instead of downloading them in order to edit them then uploading them back. Using redlines, approve or reject any suggestions made.

Contract management: Automated versioning

Automated versioning

Every change made to a document is automatically saved, ensuring that you will never lose any version. Compare versions at any point.

Concord software: Private/public chat & commenting

Private/public chat & commenting

Discuss a document or comment on a paragraph directly on Concord instead of by email. Choose whether these messages are limited to your internal teams, or should be seen by your external guests.

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