Procurement agreements and vendor agreements are completed faster with Concord's collaboration features.

Automate compliance for your legal team

With legal tech from templates to pre-defined approval workflows, Concord makes it easy for legal teams to automate compliance.

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Learn how legal teams use Concord for:

  • Automated approvals
  • Pre-approved templates
  • Online negotiations
  • Version control
  • Full audit trail
  • Secure, single source of truth

Eliminate bottlenecks and streamline business

Concord Use smart approval workflows to guarantee compliance
  • Ditch the email back-and-forthMove your internal and external edits, redlines, and comments out of your inbox and accelerate the contract review process.
  • Shorten approval wait timeSpeed-up internal approvals with workflows that automatically send documents through the right approval process with your legal team.
  • Create pre-defined workflowsTake the guesswork out of approvals and set up pre-defined workflows for your templates. When you update your workflow library, all document workflows automatically update too.

Help legal teams meet compliance requirements

Concord software: Full audit trail
  • Access a full audit trailAll versions, comments, edits, and actions are kept in a comprehensive audit trail, so your business remains compliant years after a contract has been signed.
  • Keep track of all versionsEvery change made to a document is automatically saved to ensure you will never lose track of what’s changed.
  • Use legally-binding e-signatureEnable fully-executed contracts with Concord’s built-in legally admissible e-signature — at no additional cost.

Empower legal teams and boost efficiency

Create, collaborate, sign and manage all your contracts in one platform.
  • Standardize all contractsCreate pre-approved templates for MSAs, TOSs, or any other type of agreement for all teams across your organization to easily access and use.
  • Provide pre-approved alternative clausesCreate default clauses and pre-approved alternative clauses your teams can use within their document with Concord’s clause selector.
  • Ensure clauses are consistent across all templatesUse Concord’s dedicated clause library to ensure all teams use consistent, legally-compliant clauses. When you update your clause library all templates with that clause automatically update too.

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