Create, collaborate, sign and manage all your contracts in one platform.

Get your team ready in minutes.
Everything is included, even e-signature and storage.

Concord Overview

  • Holistic Platform
  • Open Platform
  • Compatibility
  • Easy Set-Up

Create, edit, e-sign, and manage -- all in one place

Collaborate with everyone: your teams, customers, and vendors

Work the way you want: on Concord, Word, or Google Docs

Get started in minutes, not months

Concord is the only tool you need for all your contracts. Spend less time juggling between applications, editors, and e-signature tools and save money.

  • Draft and negotiate in real-time with online editing
    Edit collaboratively your documents directly on Concord like you would in Word or Google Docs. No more downloading, re-uploading, and sending back-and-forth.
  • Sign, store and manage all your contracts
    With unlimited legally-binding signatures and storage, Concord works with any type of contract. Spend less time and money juggling between apps.
  • Automate workflows and build custom reports
    Business can’t wait: route every document to the right person for approval and build reports to compare the terms of thousands of contracts in a second.


Concord lets you collaborate with anyone in your company and negotiate with any third party, saving you time and ensuring compliance.

  • Work with all your teams, not just legal
    Expedite your contract processes with everyone working on the same platform: sales, procurement, legal, HR, finance, or marketing.
  • Free access for all your vendors, customers, and future employees
    Concord lets you invite any guest to review, edit, and sign your documents. No more back-and-forth by email. It’s free for you – and for them.
  • Connect all your tools
    Automate everything with Concord’s open API or its multiple out-of-the-box integrations.

Concord’s flexibility means you can work with the tools that are best for you, your team, and your third party — Concord, Word, or even Google Docs.

  • Concord
    Take control of the entire contract process in Concord: from building templates to redlining, approving, signing, and managing renewals. Everything can be done in one place — no more downloading, emailing, and keeping track of your data in Excel.
  • Word
    Working with Word docs is seamless with Concord: import docs from Word to collaborate online, or export to Word to edit offline. All edits, redlines, and comments made in Word remain intact. You can even send Word docs directly to your third party.
  • Google Drive
    Import your documents from Google drive into Concord or export from Concord into Google Docs, so you can collaborate and negotiate in real time. Choose the tool that works best for your team.

Great platforms don’t have to be complicated to use, or a nightmare to implement. Get started on Concord to start improving your processes immediately.

  • Get set-up in minutes
    Quickly set-up all your teams and start enjoying Concord’s familiar inbox-like interface. Spend less time waiting to implement and streamline your processes from day 1.
  • Enjoy full autonomy
    Business can’t wait. Configure Concord from A-to-Z when you want it, with total autonomy. You will never need to wait, or to pay, for an implementation specialist or an engineer.
  • Free implementation and training
    Concord’s award-winning Customer Success teams are here to guide you through every step of the way, wherever you are in the world.
Holistic Platform
Open Platform
Easy Set-Up


  • Template Building
  • Real-Time Editing
  • E-signature
  • Approval Workflows
  • Storage
  • Deadlines
  • Reporting

Always up-to-date, automated templates

Collaborate in real-time with everyone

Unlimited, legally-binding signatures

Use smart approval workflows to guarantee compliance

A true system of records for your company

Never miss a deadline again

Gather insights about all your contracts in seconds

  • Import any document from any source
    Drag and drop any Word or PDF document, or import them directly from Google Drive or other integrations. Attach any file without any format or size limitation.
  • Generate multiple documents at once
    Create multiple customized versions of an agreement with different variables using Salesforce, Excel, or Concord’s API. Share them internally or send them for signature automatically.
  • Clause Library: Ensure clauses are consistent across all templates
    Gather all your pre-approved clauses in a dedicated library, and insert them into your documents when needed. Automatically update all documents when you update the library.
  • Real-Time Editing & Redlining
    Edit your documents directly online on Concord, instead of downloading them in order to edit them then uploading them back. Using redlines, approve or reject any suggestions made.
  • Automated Versioning
    Every change made to a document is automatically saved, ensuring that you will never lose any version. Compare versions at any point.
  • Private/Public Chat & Commenting
    Discuss a document or comment on a paragraph directly on Concord instead of by email. Choose whether these messages are limited to your internal teams, or should be seen by your external guests.
  • Legally-binding worldwide
    Enable fully executed contracts with legally admissible e-signatures — at no additional cost. You’ll never have to pay extra to sign your contracts and you can download fully-executed documents at any time.
  • Choose any number of signers
    Concord gives you the flexibility to invite as many colleagues or guests as you need to sign your document — whether you need 1 or 20 signatures.
  • Full Audit Trail
    Concord automatically keeps track of all versions, comments, edits, and actions in a comprehensive audit trail, so your business remains compliant years after a contract has been signed.
  • Set conditions to automatically request the right approval
    Using conditional approvals, automatically route a document to the right person depending on the value or content of any field.
  • Workflow Library: Update similar workflows across all templates
    Set up all your pre-approved approval workflows in a dedicated library. Automatically update all document workflows when you update the library.
  • Auto-notifications and reminders
    Concord notifies you on the platform or by email when your approval is requested. Quickly see all pending approval requests right from the homepage.
  • Unlimited storage for all documents
    There is no limit to the number of documents you can upload to Concord — whether you need 1,000 or 10,000 documents. Concord keeps a record of all documents, versions, attached files, and messages.
  • Adapts to your retention policies
    Whether you want to keep all of your documents in Concord for a specific time, or store signed documents in an additional location as a backup, Concord is flexible and adapts to your company’s retention policies.
  • Automatically send documents to other storage systems
    In addition to Concord’s included storage, you can automatically send signed documents to tools like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive. Or download them at any point.
  • Automated deadline and early notice notifications
    Automated, customizable email alerts help you proactively manage upcoming terminations and renewals, including early notices, so you know exactly when to take action.
  • Set alerts for any other clause
    Track any additional clauses in the summary sheet and you will automatically be notified of any upcoming deadlines, ensuring you stay on top of all obligations.
  • Set contracts for auto-renew
    Concord makes it easy to set up multi-year contracts with an evergreen clause. The summary sheet allows you to activate auto-renewals at the end of the contract period.
  • Smart Fields – Compare thousands of documents in seconds
    Concord lets you compare fields from across your documents, so you can instantly see the amounts, terms, or conditions of your contracts.
  • Custom Reports – Build your own reports
    Create your own reports based on multiple criteria, such as stage, tags, authors, fields, or content. Save them for future access.
  • Export – Download any report to Excel
    Download any report as an Excel or CSV file to be able to use your data the way you want.
Template Building
Real-Time Editing
Approval Workflows


  • Open API
  • Salesforce
  • Docusign
  • SSO
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox and Box

Connect Concord to anything

Connect Concord to Salesforce

Connect Concord to Docusign

Connect to Concord with SSO

Connect Concord to Google Drive

Connect Concord to Dropbox and Box

  • RESTful access
    Concord’s open, RESTful API lets you extend Concord capabilities for use with your software, websites, or apps. Connect to the tools you use every day. See documentation.
  • Free sandbox access
    Access a free sandbox account to test the API and create an API key so that you can make API calls.
  • Authentication
    Authentication with an API key or AUTH header allows you to read and write data from your application.
  • Create documents directly from Salesforce
    Generate documents that are automatically populated with information from Salesforce, and send them to your third party, all without leaving Salesforce.
  • Bi-directional sync with Concord
    When you change data in a field in Concord, Salesforce automatically syncs to reflect the change. This ensures that the data in Concord matches the data in Salesforce.
  • Track your document status in Salesforce
    Track all stages of your document’s status from within Salesforce, so your Sales team doesn’t need to interrupt their workflow. Opportunities automatically move to Close-Win once a contract is signed, and signed contracts are stored as a PDF file in Salesforce.
  • Sign in DocuSign
    Already using Docusign? Draft and negotiate on Concord using its unique features and then automatically send your documents to Docusign. Or use Concord’s native e-signature and save on your Docusign subscription.
  • Easy Set-Up
    Concord offers SSO (single sign-on) configuration at your company account level, so you can control who has access to your documents on Concord.
  • Compatibility
    Concord is compatible with SAML 2.0 as well as LDAP, and Active Directory.
  • Additional ways to log in
    In addition to SSO, users can use their email, Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to sign into Concord.
  • Import and export
    Concord’s out-of-the-box integration with Google Drive allows you to import your Google Docs into Concord or export from Concord into Google Docs. Automatically send all signed contracts to your Drive.
  • Bulk upload
    Move all your legacy documents from Google Drive to Concord. Bulk upload allows you to upload an unlimited number of documents.
  • Store files wherever you need them
    Automatically export a copy of your documents signed in Concord to Dropbox or Box. Documents are moved into a Concord folder so you can easily create a backup of all your signed contracts.
  • Bulk upload
    Move all your legacy documents from Dropbox or Box to Concord. Bulk upload allows you to upload an unlimited number of documents.
Open API
Google Drive
Dropbox and Box